Deborah Jayne



Former director of publicity at Tin House Books and special sales manager at Timber Press and current editor and publicist, specializing in literary fiction and general non-fiction.


Managed publicity and marketing:

Rending the Garment by Willa Schneberg, 2014 (Box Turtle Press)

10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There) by Galen Pearl, 2012 (Still Creek Press)

Dra— by Stacey Levine, 2012 (Verse Chorus Press)

Cooper’s Promise by Timothy Jay Smith, 2012 (Owl Canyon Press)

boneyard by Stephen Beachy, 2011 (Verse Chorus Press)

Moby-Dick in Pictures by Matt Kish, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Hooked by John Franc, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Fantastic Women edited by Rob Spillman, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Wire to Wire by Scott Sparling, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Bright Before Us by Katie Arnold-Ratliff, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Toward You by Jim Krusoe, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason by Mike Sacks, 2011 (Tin House Books)

The Householder’s Guide to the Universe by Harriet Fasenfest, 2011 (Tin House Books)

River House by Sarahlee Lawrence, 2011 (Tin House Books)

Agaat by Marlene van Niekerk, 2010 (Tin House Books)

Call It What You Want by Keith Lee Morris, 2010 (Tin House Books)

Hot Springs by Geoffrey Becker, 2010 (Tin House Books)

The Little General and the Giant Snowflake by Matthea Harvey, 2010 (Tin House Books)

The Rajneesh Chronicles by Win McCormack, 2010 (Tin House Books)

Mentor: A Memoir by Tom Grimes, 2010 (Tin House Books)

The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto by Bernard DeVoto, 2010 (Tin House Books)

How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself by Robert Paul Smith, 2010 (Tin House Books)

Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money by Dolly Freed, 2010 (Tin House Books)

Rasskazy: New Fiction from a New Russia edited by Mikhail Iossel and Jeff Parker, 2009 (Tin House Books)

The Children’s Day by Michiel Heyns, 2009 (Tin House Books)

Erased by Jim Krusoe, 2009 (Tin House Books)

When I Forgot by Elina Hirvonen, 2009 (Tin House Books)

Asta in the Wings by Jan Elizabeth Watson, 2009 (Tin House Books) The Story About the Story: Great Writers Explore Great Literature, 2009 (Tin House Books)

We Did Porn by Zak Smith, 2009 (Tin House Books)

The Writer’s Notebook from Tin House Books, 2009 (Tin House Books)

Reclaiming Your Real Self: A Psychological and Spiritual Integration by Rick Johnson Ph.D., 2009 (BookSurge Publishing)

Satellite Convulsions: Poems from Tin House edited by Brenda Shaughnessy and CJ Evans, 2008 (Tin House Books)

November 22, 1963 by Adam Braver, 2008 (Tin House Books)

The Dart League King by Keith Lee Morris, 2008 (Tin House Books)

Salvation by Lucia Nevai, 2008 (Tin House Books)

Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe, 2008 (Tin House Books)

The Grove Review, Volume 2, Number 1, 2007

José Builds a Woman by Jan Baross, 2006 (Ooligan Press)

Storytelling in Cambodia by Willa Schneberg, 2006 (Calyx Books)

The Grove Review, Volume 1, Number 2, 2005




The Wind is Not a River by Brian Payton, 2014 (Ecco)

José Builds a Woman by Jan Baross, 2006 (Ooligan Press)

Speaking Out: Women, War, and the Global Economy by Jan Haaken, 2005 (Ooligan Press)

The Weight of the Sun by Geronimo Tagatac, 2006 (Ooligan Press)

The Survival League by Gordan Nuhanovic and Sibelan Forrester, 2005 (Ooligan Press)

Abraham Lincoln, A Novel Life by Tony Wolk, 2004 (Ooligan Press)



Managed sales:

Alpine Plants by John E. G. Good, 2007 (Timber Press)

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest by Lawrence Kreisman, 2007 (Timber Press)

The Authentic Garden by Claire E. Sawyers, 2007 (Timber Press)

Bringing Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy, 2007 (Timber Press)

Buried Treasures by Jānis Rukšāns, 2007 (Timber Press)

Calochortus by Mary E. Gerritsen, 2007 (Timber Press)

Camellias by Jennifer Trehane, 2007 (Timber Press)

A Child’s Garden by Molly Dannenmaier, 2007 (Timber Press)

Clematis for Small Spaces by Raymond J. Evison, 2007 (Timber Press)

Coleus by Ray Rogers, 2007 (Timber Press)

Conifers for Gardens by Richard L. Bitner, 2007 (Timber Press)

The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants by Wilhelm Barthlott, 2007 (Timber Press)

Delphiniums by David Bassett, 2007 (Timber Press)

Designing and Renovating Larger Gardens by Douglas Coltart, 2007 (Timber Press)

Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin, 2007 (Timber Press)

Down to Earth with Helen Dillon by Helen Dillon, 2007 (Timber Press)

Drawing and Painting Plants by Christina Brodie, 2007 (Timber Press)

Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates by Will Giles, 2007 (Timber Press)

Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns by Sue Olsen, 2007 (Timber Press)

The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes by Rick Darke, 2007 (Timber Press)

Encyclopedia of Northwest Native Plants for Gardens and Landscapes by Kathleen A. Robson, 2007 (Timber Press)

Exotic Planting for Adventurous Gardeners by Christopher Lloyd, 2007 (Timber Press)

Figs, Dates, Laurel, and Myrrh by Lytton John Musselman, 2007 (Timber Press)

Garden Bulbs for the South by Scott Ogden, 2007 (Timber Press)

Garden to Vase by Linda Beutler, 2007 (Timber Press)

Gardening with Woodland Plants by Karan Junker, 2007 (Timber Press)

Impatiens by Raymond J. Morgan, 2007 (Timber Press)

Miniature Orchids by Steven A. Frowine, 2007 (Timber Press)

Native Trees of the Southeast by Katherine Kirkman, 2007 (Timber Press)

Niwaki by Jake Hobson, 2007 (Timber Press)

A Pattern Garden by Valerie Easton, 2007 (Timber Press)

Perennials by Susan Carter, 2007 (Timber Press)

Pots in the Garden by Ray Rogers, 2007 (Timber Press)

Rain Gardens by Nigel Dunnett, 2007 (Timber Press)

The Self-Sustaining Garden by Peter Thompson, 2007 (Timber Press)

Shade by Keith Wiley, 2007 (Timber Press)

Taming the Truffle by Ian R. Hall, 2007 (Timber Press)

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas by Diana Grenfell, 2007 (Timber Press)

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples by Peter Gregory, 2007 (Timber Press)

Tropical Slipper Orchids by Harold Koopowitz, 2007 (Timber Press)

Viburnums by Michael A. Dirr, 2007 (Timber Press)

Angraecoid Orchids by Joyce Stewart, 2006 (Timber Press)

Armitage’s Native Plants for North American Gardens by Allan M. Armitage, 2006 (Timber Press)

Bonsai with Japanese Maples by Peter Adams, 2006 (Timber Press)

A Book of Blue Flowers by Robert Geneve, 2006 (Timber Press)

Buddlejas by David D. Stuart, 2006 (Timber Press)

Ceanothus by David Fross, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Classic Cattleyas by A. A. Chadwick, 2006 (Timber Press)

Daphnes by Robin White, 2006 (Timber Press)

Dendrobium and Its Relatives by Bill Lavarack, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Dendrobiums by Howard P. Wood, 2006 (Timber Press)

Designing the New Kitchen Garden by Jennifer R. Bartley, 2006 (Timber Press)

Down the Kitchen Sink by Beverley Nichols, 2006 (Timber Press)

Dwarf Campanulas by Graham Nicholls, 2006 (Timber Press)

The English Roses by David Austin, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook by Rosemary Alexander, 2006 (Timber Press)

Fruit & Nuts by Susanna Lyle, 2006 (Timber Press)

Gardening at the Shore by Frances Tenenbaum, 2006 (Timber Press)

Gardening on Pavement, Tables, and Hard Surfaces by George Schenk, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Genus Arisaema by Guy Gusman, 2006 (Timber Press)

Green Grows the City by Beverley Nichols, 2006 (Timber Press)

Green Roof Plants by Edmund C. Snodgrass, 2006 (Timber Press)

Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry A. Rice, 2006 (Timber Press)

Hebes by Lawrie Metcalf, 2006 (Timber Press)

Hellebores by Colston Burrell, 2006 (Timber Press)

Hollies for Gardeners by Christopher Bailes, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by Alec Pridgeon, 2006 (Timber Press)

In Search of Ancient Oregon by Ellen Morris Bishop, 2006 (Timber Press)

Insects and Gardens by Eric Grissell, 2006 (Timber Press)

Insects of the Pacific Northwest by Peter Haggard, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Jewel Box Garden by Thomas Hobbs, 2006 (Timber Press)

Late Summer Flowers by Marina Christopher, 2006 (Timber Press)

A Master Guide to the Art of Floral Design by Alisa A. de Jong-Stout, 2006 (Timber Press)

Natural Gardening in Small Spaces by Noel Kingsbury, 2006 (Timber Press)

Northwest Coast Indian Painting by Edward Malin, 2006 (Timber Press)

Of Flowers & a Village by Wilfrid Blunt, 2006 (Timber Press)

Orchid Species Culture by Margaret L. Baker, 2006 (Timber Press)

Orchids of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East by Pierre Delforge, 2006 (Timber Press)

Ornamental Bamboos by David Crompton, 2006 (Timber Press)

A Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook by Jude Siegel, 2006 (Timber Press)

Perennial Garden Design by Michael King, 2006 (Timber Press)

Perennials for the Southwest by Mary Irish, 2006 (Timber Press)

Plant Exploration for Longwood Gardens by Tomasz Aniśko, 2006 (Timber Press)

Plant Solutions for Every Garden by Nigel Colborn, 2006 (Timber Press)

Seedheads in the Garden by Noel Kingsbury, 2006 (Timber Press)

Shade by Keith Wiley, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Story of the Apple by Barrie E. Juniper, 2006 (Timber Press)

Subtropical and Dry Climate Plants by Martyn Rix, 2006 (Timber Press)

Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels, 2006 (Timber Press)

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Clematis by Mary Toomey, 2006 (Timber Press)

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Ground Covers by David S. MacKenzie, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Truth About Garden Remedies by Jeff Gillman, 2006 (Timber Press)

Tulips by Richard Wilford, 2006 (Timber Press)

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by Tracy DiSabato-Aust, 2006 (Timber Press)

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest by Mark Turner, 2006 (Timber Press)


Lend us your type and trust, and we'll give you our minds.

~The Editors

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