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Happy Grammar Day

March 4, 2010 blog Comments Off on Happy Grammar Day

Today, March 4, 2010 is Grammar Day! This year, National Grammar Day is hosted by Mignon Fogarty, also known to many of us as Grammar Girl. (Today is also, coincidentally, my father’s birthday; happy birthday, Dad!) So, what does one do to celebrate Grammar Day? Well, to begin with, I’m not going to give you any lessons on correct usage today. I mean, I’m really excited that I know the difference between:

  • lay and lie
  • differ from and differ with
  • the comma splice and a “regular” run-on
  • why it actually IS okay to split an infinitive…

Ok. I’m stopping now. The list above is starting to get me in the mood to write some sort of “lesson” or tips, and that’s not what celebrating grammar is for me…yes, I know I just earned my egghead title with that sentence. My biggest interest in grammar and punctuation is actually not the rules; the rules are easy enough to read, memorize, and always go back to check if you are feeling uncertain. My interest in grammar is in the effect that it has on writing and the very strong feelings that grammar rules can incite in writers. … Continue Reading

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